Frequently Asked Questions

The Veterinary Image Sharing App (VISA) for your smartphone, allows you to harnessing the wisdom of the veterinary community to improve patient care. VISA is educational allowing you to search and review images of interesting medical cases. The app is collaborative allowing easy and quick upload of images and comments for input from your colleagues on your mobile device.    A collaborative approach to creating an amazing library of veterinary medical images available on your smartphone. 

Veterinary Image Sharing App overview

The Veterinary  Image Sharing App is available on any mobile device. No app to download. Just log in with your Gmail or account.  After completing a brief profile you are ready to see and post images and comments. The photo view allows you to quickly review all images available. The timeline view presents the most recent uploaded images first on the timeline. You can comment on any image or upload an interesting image. Images are archived in the cloud and searchable by key words and categories. .

Formulary overview

A formulary of drug dosages and indications is accessible after login. email account overview

A free and professional email address is available to veterinarians and veterinary students.  Your email account is actually a Gmail account with a extension (example: instead of  To apply please complete the sign up page HERE. You will be provided an account within 24 hours. You can login to your email account by going to or (login with your entire email address such as ""). The very best email address to extend your brand along with the very best email service provided by Google.

Can I log into the Veterinary Image Sharing App with a yahoo or hotmail account?

No, we use Google authentication so you must have a Gmail or email account to login. You can either create your own Gmail account at or, if you are a veterinarian or veterinary student, you can apply for a account HERE.

Who can access the Veterinary Image Sharing App?

The Veterinary Image Sharing App is available to veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary support team members. The email accounts are only available to veterinarians and veterinary students.  All users must agree to Terms of Service to access and use the app.

Verification of veterinarians

We verify veterinarians on the Veterinary Image Sharing App. If you would like to become verified please complete the "Become Verified" link in Once you are verified, you will receive a digital “badge” on your profile.

How much does access cost?

The Veterinary Image Sharing App and email accounts are both free. The costs of maintaining the image database are negligible since image storing is inexpensive. The email accounts are provided free in collaboration with Google.  Our goal is to provide free access to create an amazing image library and transformatively improve collaboration and patient care.