Veterinary professional network

Frequently Asked Questions

About Veterinary Professional Network:

The Veterinary Professional Network uses the Facebook at Work enterprise platform.  Facebook at Work (FB@W) is an enterprise platform Facebook has built for companies to conduct all their internal communications between the employees of the company confidentially and securely.  We are delighted to receive approval from Facebook to become a beta user of the platform for professional communications between veterinary professionals. This is a unique use case for the FB@W platform as the “veterinary community” is not a “company.”  


FB@W offers Profiles, Groups, and a Messenger, built with a mobile-first mentality by the company that creates the most engaging user experience out there.  Members can create lasting knowledge wells that are searchable. Other tools are in development for further functionality. The following are current features:      

  • Work Profile: to create the ultimate directory of veterinarians.
  • Groups (open, closed and private): to share knowledge and collaborate, all searchable.
  • Messages:  to reach colleagues instantaneously with text, voice and video calls.
  • Security and Privacy: to confidentially communicate.

Data Ownership, Confidentiality and Privacy:

With FB@W we (the veterinary community) own the data. This means no ads, no targeting, and no data mining. Ever. Protecting our data is our top concern. Facebook has developed an API to extract our data and delete it permanently from their servers in case we decide in the future to no longer use the platform.

In addition, FB@W Data will never surface in regular Facebook. This is a private instance just for our veterinary work content. The only window into the consumer Facebook experience is through the dropdown (if you link your personal account during authentication). 

Is there a Charge for Membership for Veterinary Professional Network?

Facebook usually charges for profit companies a few dollars per active user per month. This will not apply to us until the start of 2017.  We are in communication with Facebook to eliminate this charge since this is a free professional veterinary community and not a for profit company. 


Access to the Veterinary Professional Network is limited to veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, receptionists and managers.  Members can use any email account to join.

To request access by clicking  HERE

Account Access Information on Web and Mobile Devices:

Veterinarians and support staff invited to Veterinary Professional Network can create a new “DVM Work” account for access.  A personal account cannot be used. The "DVM Work" account allows access to the Veterinary Professional Network. Please include your professional information on your "DVM Work" profile so we can create an awesome professional directory for veterinarians. 

For Mobile access, veterinarians and support staff must download the following two apps on their mobile device: 1) “Facebook at Work” app and 2) “Work Chat” app. These apps allow access to your "DVM Work" account. A personal Facebook app cannot be used for access. 

"DVM Work" and Personal accounts can have separate passwords.  You can use a dropdown menu and toggle between your "DVM Work" and Personal accounts (web access).

What to do on Veterinary Professional Network:

Veterinarians and support staff can search "DVM Work" profiles of colleagues, create groups (examples: classmates, interns, residents, specialty interests, for their practice, etc.), and communicate by messenger, voice and video calls with veterinarians. You can join any open group or request access to any closed group. Consider this as an entire Facebook platform exclusively for veterinarians and veterinary support staff to share knowledge and collaborate. 

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