Leadership Group

Our ambition is start a new movement promoting free knowledge sharing and collaboration for veterinary professionals.   The following veterinarians bring this amazing platform to allow veterinarians to connect.  The power of crowdsourcing to reimagine knowledge sharing and collaborative discussions. 


FOAVet stands for Free Open Access Veterinary collaboration and knowledge sharing.  A similar concept exists in human medicine called FOAMed which has been hugely successful with constantly evolving, collaborative and interactive medical knowledge sharing.  We believe this approach with leveraging the mobile app will transform how we interact in veterinary medicine. Join the movement for free, open access crowsourced knowledge sharing and collaboration for veterinary healthcare professionals. 

Cheryl Braswell, DVM, DACVECC, CHT-V

Cheryl Braswell, DVM, DACVECC, CHT-V


Cheryl Braswell - An ACVECC Diplomate who leads the FOAVet (Free Open Access Veterinary Knowledge Sharing) Group. 

Jennifer Pullium - An ACLAM diplomate who leads the Laboratory Animal Veterinary Resident group.

Sif Traustadottir - Past president of Icelandic Vet Association who has a network in Europe / Scandinavia. 

Jenn Van Noy - A veterinarian who is a management consultant and leads the Veterinary Practice Management Group. 

Masako Watatsuki - A veterinarian from Japan who leads the Japanese Veterinary Group.


sHEA COX, DVM, Certified pet loss professional

Dr. Cox graduated from Michigan State University in 2001. Prior to offering hospice and palliative care, her veterinary career had been spent solely in an emergency and critical care setting for 13 years.  Dr. Cox’s change in focus was a natural extension, as life prior to veterinary medicine involved a career as a Registered Nurse, where she worked first-hand in areas of home health care, transitional care, and hospice environments, giving her a unique and direct understanding of this service and its importance to the entire family unit. One of Dr. Cox's driving passions is the advancement of pet hospice and palliative care in the field of veterinary medicine and she is a leader in making this happen. You can learn more about her involvement here.