Questionaire for Trial Participants

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Owner and Dog Profile

Owner Name *
Owner Name
Auburn, 1987
Number of animals, by species, including description of health problems of other animals besides the dog(s) intended for the trial.
a. Sex (± spayed/neutered), date of birth b. Breed, cross, or mongrel c. Vaccination and preventive medicine history d. Temperament (friendly, anxious, aggressive, hyperactive, nonchalant, irritable)
e. Current height at shoulder f. Current weight, body conformation (normal, chubby, obese, thin, gaunt) g. Current diet (dry/canned/homemade), # feedings/day or free-choice, volume offered and consumed/meal h. Other current lifestyle details, e.g., level of activity/exercise and/or degree of confinement.
Current health/clinical status, including current medications, surgeries within last 3 months, prognoses of current problems Health history – prior illnesses, injuries, matings, whelpings