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FAQs for Veterinarians


How is AiLoVET different for veterinarians compared to conventional veterinary practice?


AiLoVET provides you with unprecedented convenience in practicing veterinary medicine. Connect with your clients from anywhere when you are available.  Each AiLoVET veterinarian has a custom calendar where you can indicate your availability. Your availability is aggregated with the availability of other AiLoVET veterinarians, allowing pet owners to select times most convenient for them and choose from the veterinarians available during that time in their area. Clients will be shown available AiLoVet veterinarians in their area, thereby allowing you to not only serve your clients but also drive potential customers to your hospital.  

Can pet owners schedule a virtual consultation directly with me?

Yes, each AiLoVET will have a profile page on AiLoVET.  Pet owners can find you on your profile page and schedule a virtual consult directly with you when you are available on your personal AiLoVET calendar.  You can also give your clients your direct link to our AiLoVet page, bypassing the consumer AiLoVet page and going directly to you.  

How are medical records kept on my virtual consult, and can I export them to our practice PIMS?

Yes and they belong to you and your client. Each AiLoVET veterinarian has an admin page where they can track the consults you have conducted. This database lists pet and owner information, a summary of your consult, and recommendations. Your consults are only viewable by you.  You can add the consults to the medical history of your own practice management system if you wish to do so, or they can be done standalone. 

How does AiLoVET make this the best experience possible for me as a practicing veterinarian?

First and foremost, you practice at your convenience and from your home. But this exceptional experience does not end there. We have developed sophisticated AI dictation tools and other AI tools (including AI formulary, medical note generator, AI pet disease reference) available to you on your admin page. These tools summarize your conversations with pet owners, and your medical notes are complete. Just make sure the notes produced are accurate by spending a few minutes reading them and editing them if necessary before saving them in your database. The AI tools will also generate a pet owner-specific summary that will be emailed to them. 

Can I expand my client base where I practice full-time?

Yes, this is one great value of AiLoVET.  If you feel it necessary to physically do a follow-up visit with the pet, refer to your regular practice for follow-up. This provides you the opportunity to expand your client base. 

How much income do I generate from doing virtual consults?

It's up to you based on how much time you have and what you set as a price for your virtual consult. We recommend setting each consult at $100, but you can decide on what works for you. AiLoVET will track your consults and provide you with 70% of your consult revenue at the end of each month. Each AiLoVET veterinarian can, therefore, make additional income while expanding their client base. 

Why does AiLoVET keep 30% of my consultation revenue?

The 30% cost is designed to cover AiLoVET operations, including token costs for AI apps, administrative costs, and advertisement. Since our platform costs are much less than those of a standard veterinary platform, we can return 70% of revenue generated to the veterinarian. 

What is the referral program?

We believe each veterinarian would benefit from being an AiLoVET veterinarian.  Most importantly, we want many veterinarians available to provide unprecedented access to veterinary care for pet owners.  If veterinarians referred by you join our platform, they will indicate your name on the sign-up page.  AiLoVET will provide you, the referring veterinarian, 10% of all revenue generated from their consults over the first 6 months.  You will not only receive 30% income from your consults but also 10% income from your veterinary colleague's consults. They still receive 30% of the income that they generate. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up by completing your information here.  We will get back to you to set up your calendar and admin page, go over our AI apps, and you can get started. 

Be part of a game-changing experience for veterinary medicine that benefits pet owners and veterinarians. Do what you do best-practice medicine with convenience and grow your income and practice. We do the rest. 


Welcome to the future of veterinary care—welcome to AiLoVET.

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