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Georgia Veterinary Medical Association
AI Assistant 

Ask GVMA AI Assistant questions regarding the practice of veterinary medicine in Georgia. Email responses to yourself. 

The GVMA AI Assistant is brought to you by a partnership between the GVMA and dvmSuccess.  

dvmSuccess, a company founded by veterinarians Duffy Jones, DVM, and Ravi Tolwani, DVM, is dedicated to making AI and Business Intelligence tools simple, affordable, and accessible to all practices. This company is made by vets for vets, with the aim of empowering veterinary professionals with advanced technology.  

Because of Duffy’s long-standing history with the GVMA, he understands the importance of state veterinary medical associations. Therefore, each time a GVMA member signs up for the AI tools or the Dashboards, a portion of the fee will be donated to the GVMA to offset costs and keep membership fees low. By using the link below, you can not only improve your practice but also support the GVMA.

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