Our process is straight forward. We help you find out what your hospital is worth by providing you real offers from multiple hospital aggregators. You then decide if you are ready for a sale or would prefer to wait for a future date. We provide you advice, guidance, expertise and are your advocate throughout.

  • We discuss your goals and objectives. We then sign a mutual nondisclosure agreement with you to maintain privacy of your hospital information.

  • Gather your hospital financials to calculate profit or cash flow. Our unique artificial intelligence platform allows us to standardize your financials efficiently. We then normalize your financials eliminating one time expenses to produce your normalized sustainable cash flow. The sustainable cash flow is the primary determinant of your hospital valuation. We strongly advocate the highest sustainable cash flow possible for your hospital.

  • Your hospital is assigned to a portfolio of other individual hospitals with similar financials and owner goals.

  • We engage several strategic buyers and provide them with the financial information of the portfolio of hospitals. The strategic buyers competitively bid on the portfolio of hospitals. The strategic buyer offering the highest multiple of total aggregated cash flow of the portfolio of hospitals is chosen. We expect multiples of 9X or higher. We can achieve this high multiple since we are offering the sale of a group of hospitals with an aggregated cash flow that commands a higher price.

  • We work with you and the strategic buyer to complete the sale of your hospital.