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Subash Kethavath DVM

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Subash Kethavath, DVM Dr. Subash Kethavath Born and raised in India, earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. After his veterinary studies he volunteered at world veterinary services, where he gained surgical experience. He spent a year working as a Veterinarian assistant surgeon. After practicing he became interested in graduate studies then pursued a Masters at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. This academic pursuit set the stage for a transition into a scientific role in Nebraska. Passionate about animal care, Dr. Kethavath undertook the Veterinary licensing exam in North America, setting the stage for a fulfilling career. Currently based at the Animal Farm Pet Hospital in San Francisco, California. He sees veterinary care as similar to pediatrics, emphasizing the importance of nurturing, preventive measures, and fostering the well-being of his furry patients. Beyond the clinic, Dr. Kethavath finds joy in the simplicity of life, enjoying hiking adventures, cooking, and cherishing moments with family and friends. He believes in humanity and extends his passion for helping others not only to his patients but also to the people around him.

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