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Introducing AiLoVET
Your AI-Powered Telehealth Veterinary Solution

Taking care of your patients

has never been easier

Welcome Veterinarians!


Join the forefront of veterinary innovation with AiLoVET, an AI-powered telemedicine platform connecting you and pet owners from your area and practice.


Here's why you should join our network:

  1. Grow your Practice:  

    • Offer expert care anytime, anywhere.

    • Connect with pet owners at their convenience.

    • Drive new clients to your facility.

  2. Flexible Scheduling:

    • Set your own hours and work from home.  It can be on your day off or after hours.  

    • Balance your professional and personal life with ease while maximizing your earning potential.

  3. Make a Difference:

    • Provide unparalleled access to veterinary care in your area.

  4. Own Your Business:

    • Run a turn-key veterinary telemedicine business.  This can be done as a practice or as an individual.  

    • Launch quickly with our innovative technology.

  5. Earn More:

    • Earn 70% of the revenue from each consultation.

    • Grow your earnings beyond typical associate veterinarian salaries.

  6. AI-Powered Efficiency:

    • Our AI dictation app summarizes medical notes.

    • Focus on caring for pets while we handle documentation.

Sign up today and join a revolutionary platform that empowers you to deliver exceptional veterinary care while enhancing your professional and personal life.


Powered by dvmSuccess AI. 

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